“Money is like an arm or leg — use it or lose it.” Henry Ford

Do you know the best ways to keep your money?

Most of us don’t. We don’t learn economics in school — it’s probably too practical. Over time our schools abandoned the gratifying subjects such as health, arts, etiquette and economics. They focused solely on abstract topics, and the more words and numbers involved, the better.

Consequently, we suck at insignificant things like staying healthy, communicating with our loved ones, keeping our families out of debt, preventing climate change, and avoiding plagues’ mass death. We don’t…

“Wealth is nothing more or less than a tool to do things with — only a means to an end.” Henry Ford

Do you know what your money is working about?

We all put our money in hands of firms that invest it. It can be our insurance companies, the savings accounts in our banks, or our investments, such as our pension funds. We use to think about each of these accounts, if we think about it at all, as a safe where our money lounges contentedly and multiplies.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

These financial firms use most…

“When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving one’s self, and one always ends by deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.” — Oscar Wilde

Are you experiencing eternal wedded bliss?

If you’re in a relationship, you probably aren’t. (If you’re not in a relationship, you surely aren’t, either.) Relationships always include frustration, irritation and disappointments, though we’re doing the best for our partners. Well, not always the best, admittedly, we’re only human. Still, we’re going above and beyond to make our other halves happy, yet they hardly ever are.

Thankless wretches.

And it’s not…

“Art is necessary in order that man should be able to recognize and change the world. But art is also necessary by virtue of the magic inherent in it.” — Ernst Fischer

Do you want your life to be better over time?

Well, duh!

We all want to progress. No one wants their gravestone’s inscription to be, “This person existed for a while without making any changes, made no connections, and nobody noticed their absence.” We all want to grow, to overcome the obstacles we face, to touch others’ lives, to be significant.

We all want to make a difference.

“Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.” — Douglas Adams

Do you, too, feel down when the world turns gray?

Or maybe you feel more than a little down, more like, say, wishing to wrap yourself up with your comforter and not come out until Apollo brings back a big hot sun?

For most of us, the darkening world takes the sting out of living, let alone doing anything. The iciness doesn’t help, either. Winter sucks every year, and this year, when things are unbearable anyway, winter feels like too much, really.

I, for one, have spent the last many…

“Success is whatever humiliation everyone has agreed to compete for.” -James Richardson

Do you want to be a winner?

We all do, unoriginally. We believe that the other option is to be a loser, and no one, under any circumstances, would want that, god forbid. As Pascal Mercier puts it,

“It’s not the pain and the wounds that are the worst…The worst is the humiliation.”

Most of us see the world as a battlefield where we can either win or lose. Under these conditions, we must fight, and we must always win. …

“All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.” — George Orwell, Animal Farm.

We all want to live happily and lovingly with everyone around us. Still, annoyingly, some people achieve this noble goal better than others. People in some countries, as it turns out, are far happier than us.

But we don’t have to hate them for that.

Instead, we can adopt their cheery path, starting with figuring out what the hell they’re doing better.

The Jolly Countries

While every unhappy country is unhappy in its own way, probably, happy countries are apparently all alike.

The countries starring in…

“Unhappy is the land that needs a hero.” -Galileo

How many times have you watched abuse and injustice in the news, and felt frustrated for not being able to make things right?

We all felt that way. And then came 2020.

Over the last months, the vast distress we are all enduring, that comes with enormous inequality, has exposed the heroes who fight the injustice. Because that’s what heroes do.

We see them in front of our very eyes. (Though often, as humans are used to, we don’t comprehend what we see.)

Not one hero. Not a bunch of them…

“Don’t believe every thing you think.” ― Byron Katie

Are you realistic?

We all want to be objective, to comprehend life accurately, make the most out of it, and always be composed, profound and enlightened. Yet, our emotions and misperceptions constantly attempt to get in our way and mess everything up. Our affection for our loved ones pleasantly blinds us, while our dislike of the people in the groups we despise blinds us much more. We keep ourselves from being as blind as other people, obviously, but we’re still not as unprejudiced as we wish ourselves to be.

We can’t…

“I went on a diet, swore off drinking and heavy eating, and in fourteen days I had lost exactly two weeks.” — Joe E. Louis

Want to eat whenever you’re hungry and stay fit?

We all want to eat the cake and keep it out, too. We want to enjoy our food full-heartedly, and we also want to be in shape, healthy and happy forever. We could have it both ways, too, if it wasn’t for these nasty hunger-imposters. These cunning delusions that make us eat too much, and eat the wrong food. …

Estee Horn

Author, explorer and witch, who uses her word-craft, as well as her MA in Eco-Psychology, to help people simplify life and be happier. Follow her how2bhappy.com

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