“When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving one’s self, and one always ends by deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.” — Oscar Wilde

Are you experiencing eternal wedded bliss?

If you’re in a relationship, you probably aren’t. (If you’re not in a relationship, you surely aren’t, either.) Relationships always include frustration, irritation and disappointments, though we’re doing the best for our partners. Well, not always the best, admittedly, we’re only human. Still, we’re going above and beyond to make our other halves happy, yet they hardly ever are.

Thankless wretches.

And it’s not…

Estee Horn

Author, explorer and witch, who uses her word-craft, as well as her MA in Eco-Psychology, to help people simplify life and be happier. Follow her how2bhappy.com

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